Nybo, Breen, Bellock Asking Citizens to Join Legislative Advisory Council

State Sen. Chris Nybo, State Rep. Peter Breen and State Rep. Patricia Bellock are creating a Legislative Advisory Council to work with local residents on issues that affect them in Springfield.

“It is a tremendous honor to serve our communities in both chambers of the General Assembly, and we intend to start off on the right foot by finding better ways to stay engaged with the community,” Rep. Breen said. “We trust the wisdom of our community and need the advice and insight of our neighbors as we act to solve problems, as well as seize the great opportunities Illinois has before it.”

The Legislative Advisory Council will help Rep. Breen, Rep. Bellock and Sen. Nybo develop new ideas and evaluate current proposals and options pending in Springfield. Members must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the 24th Legislative District, which includes the 47th and 48th Representative Districts.

“Many of the best public policy changes and government reforms achieved over the years were inspired from ideas suggested by constituents,” Rep. Bellock said. “Keeping local residents informed of what we’re working on in Springfield and getting their feedback is vitally important as we tackle the many budget challenges facing Illinois this spring and beyond.”

Sen. Nybo established a Legislative Advisory Council while serving as State Representative of the former 41st Representative District.

“The level of assistance with research, discussion and debate was extremely valuable to me as an elected official charged with serving the entire district. The expertise available within our communities was an excellent resource for me,” Sen. Nybo said. “I look forward to working with folks who are as interested as we are in working together to find solutions to our problems.”

The Legislative Advisory Council’s Committees include: State Finance and Budget, Business and Economic Expansion, Education, Environment and Energy, Transportation, Senior Citizens and Veterans, and Human and Social Services. Each Council member will be given the opportunity to join the committee of their preference.

For more information, call Rep. Breen at 630/403-8135 or e-mail him at peter@reppeterbreen.org. Contact Sen. Nybo by calling 630/969-0990 or e-mailing chris@chrisnybo.org.

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