Breen Issues Strong Opposition Letter to Health Care Conscience Attack

Today, Illinois State Representative Peter Breen issued a strong letter to his colleagues in opposition to Senate Bill 1564, legislation which would reverse protections in the state’s Health Care Right of Conscience Act. Breen, a constitutional attorney, was the first to identify the threats posed by the bill to Illinois’ pregnancy resource centers.

In his letter today, Breen carefully analyzes SB 1564, showing the following:

· SB 1564 will force health care professionals and facilities in Illinois to participate in abortions, either by performing abortions or by referring or directing patients to abortion clinics;

· SB 1564 makes the conscience rights of health care workers contingent on the policies of their institutions;

· SB 1564 imposes a new mandate on every doctor’s office, pharmacy, and community clinic in Illinois, along with most of the state’s pregnancy resource centers;

· SB 1564 will result in a flurry of lawsuits and the possible loss of Illinois’ federal health care funding; and

· The examples cited by the ACLU do not support the broad scope of SB 1564.

“The situations raised by the activists supporting SB 1564 at best call for a scalpel—a limited response—but SB 1564 instead takes a hatchet to our health care workers and our law,” said Breen in the letter.

SB 1564 has been assigned to the Illinois House Human Services Committee and is expected to be heard in committee within the next week.

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