Breen Passes Bill to Ensure Workplace Safety and Keep $5 Million in Federal Funding

Today Representative Peter Breen passed Senate Bill 1683 out of the House, which ensures that the Illinois Director of Labor has the power to enforce the Illinois Occupational Safety and Health Act. The U.S. Department of Labor requested the legislation, to ensure that the Director is able to require attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of evidence under oath, during workplace safety inspections and investigations. By adopting this bill, the State of Illinois will be eligible for $5 million in federal funding to assist in enforcing safety standards.

“These additions to the Occupational Safety and Health Act will better ensure that our workers in Illinois are protected at their job sites. By adopting appropriate powers to conduct thorough investigations, our Director of Labor will be able to crack down on bad practices, and our state will receive an additional $5 million to assist with workplace safety.”

Senate Bill 1683 previously passed the Senate unanimously. The bill also unanimously passed in the House today. The bill will now proceed to Governor Bruce Rauner for his consideration.

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