Rep. Peter Breen Recognized for Pro-Business Votes

Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) was recognized this week by the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) for his commitment to job creation in Illinois.

The Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) released its first legislative scorecard yesterday, which ranks legislators based on their voting records on 12 bills in 2015. Breen’s voting record earned him a perfect 100%.

“Businesses, especially our manufacturers, are fleeing Illinois and taking their jobs with them,” said Breen. “By supporting pro-business legislation, we are trying to keep those job creators in Illinois and also attract new businesses to grow our economy.”

The TMA Legislative Scorecard found that in 2015 only 42% of Illinois House members and 39% of the Illinois Senate could be identified as pro-manufacturing.

“The Technology and Manufacturing Association is particularly impressed with freshman State Representative Peter Breen,” said TMA President Steven Rauschenberger. “Employment is the route to Illinois’ middle class, and manufacturing is one of our advantages nationally. It is gratifying to see a new class of legislators who recognize that being supportive of business helps grow jobs and strengthen families.”