Democrats Reject Republican Attempt to Continue Working on Budget, Adjourn until April

On Thursday, House Democrats adjourned the chamber until April by refusing Republican attempts to stay in session to continue work on a budget. As business was concluding Thursday afternoon, Representative Tom Demmer (R-Rochelle) made the Republican motion to reconvene the next day, on Friday, so that the House could continue work on the critical issues facing the state. House Democrats ruled the motion “out of order” and headed to their cars for a five week break.

“We were ready to keep working, but Speaker Mike Madigan and his majority caucus forced us into a 5-week break,” said Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard). “The people of Illinois deserve a balanced budget, honest government, and the responsible reforms necessary to return our state to economic vibrancy. It’s time to stop the games and get the job done.”

Click here to watch the video of the Republican request and Democrat response. If you would like to weigh in on the issue after reading the information, please use this link to take a single-question survey. Speaker Madigan has determined that the House will return to session in Springfield on April 4.