Breen Hails Balanced Compromise to Send $700 in Dedicated Funds to Human Service Agencies

The House of Representatives on Thursday approved legislation that would send $700 million in designated funds to human service agencies that have been caught in the state’s budget battle. In response to the bipartisan support given to SB 2038, State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) has issued the following statement:

“While Speaker Madigan continues his efforts to score political points through continued gridlock, today we saw a more of a new trend in Springfield: Democrat lawmakers coming back to the negotiating table with Republicans to fund vital Illinois programs. Just as we did a few weeks ago with emergency funding for higher education, today we approved $700 million in stopgap funding for our human service charities.”

“These social service charities serve the most vulnerable people in our communities, and do so better and cheaper than the state could itself. They have suffered gravely due to the budget stalemate in Springfield. Today’s action is fully funded and balanced, providing emergency resources to these charities so they can serve disabled and disadvantaged Illinoisans in the immediate term.”

“This was not a perfect bill. We have a lot more work to reach a balanced budget and necessary reforms. But today’s action shows how we can reach broad compromise to make Illinois government work, by rejecting out-of-balance spending and narrow special interests.”