Breen Joins Republican Lawmakers in Demanding Transparency in Spending by new Auditor General

State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) is part of a growing number of Republican lawmakers who is demanding answers from newly-appointed Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino about irregularities in his campaign spending over the last several years.

Breen and 19 other Republicans from the General Assembly sent a certified letter to Mautino this week demanding that he provide a full explanation of the activities of his campaign committee, the Committee for Frank J. Mautino, and provide documentation that explains questionable spending practices. “As the Auditor General for the State of Illinois, Mr. Mautino is charged with ensuring the highest ethical standards by our state agencies,” said Breen. “When he refuses to be forthright with his own spending, it casts doubt on his leadership and erodes public trust.”

According to Breen, campaign records show that between 2011-2014, Mautino spent close to $121,000 on gas and campaign vehicle repairs. Additionally, since 2005, checks totaling than $213,000 in gas and vehicle repairs were sent to one local vendor, Happy’s Super Service Station in Spring Valley, which is not registered as a business with the state but is owned by a Spring Valley alderman. “If the Auditor General has an explanation for these questionable expenditures, he needs to share it immediately, because this type of spending is excessive by anyone’s standards,” said Breen.

At a press conference at the Capitol on Thursday, several Republicans from the House and Senate released the joint letter request for Mautino to clarify the accounting, record keeping, and spending of his campaign committee. “Mr. Mautino has had more than enough time to respond to the letter sent three months ago asking for detailed clarification of questionable campaign spending,” Breen said. “It’s time for Mr. Mautino to explain himself and the activity of his campaign committee—we can't afford even the appearance of a financial cover-up by our state’s Auditor General.”