House Republicans Tap Breen to Fill Vacancy on Bipartisan Reform Working Group

State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) has been chosen to fill a vacancy on a bipartisan reforms working group that is discussing fundamental changes in how Illinois does business. It is the goal of the group to bring forward agreed changes that can become part of a full compromise budget package for Fiscal Year 2017.

Budget and reform working groups have been meeting for months behind the scenes, and the budget groups helped create the framework that ultimately led to the stopgap plan that funded K-12 Education for all of Fiscal Year 2017 and six months of bridge funding for other essential service areas. With the resignation earlier this week of Ron Sandack, House Republican Leader Jim Durkin asked Breen to step in, “where he will be leveraging years of legal service and municipal government experience.”

A first-term member of the General Assembly, Breen is a constitutional attorney and former village board member and interim mayor of Lombard. In response to his selection, Breen said he is pleased to be joining the group that will shape policy to address many of Illinois’ biggest issues. “It is an honor to be chosen by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin for this very important committee,” said Breen. “We’ve got to end the waste and abuse in our state government and implement job-creating policies, so that we can grow the Illinois economy and ensure the long-term financial stability of our state. I look forward to working with my colleagues from across the aisle on this vital initiative.”

The bipartisan group of eight lawmakers—four Republican members and four Democrat members—will continue to meet throughout the summer and fall to discuss and reach agreement on reforms.