Rep. Peter Breen Rejects Egregious Madigan House Rules

On Tuesday in Springfield, House Democrats used their majority status to push through a set of egregious House Rules that strengthen the power of House Speaker Mike Madigan and weaken the voices of Illinois citizens across the state. In response to the House approval of the rules that will govern the movement of legislation during the 100th General Assembly, State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) has issued the following statement:

“Oppressive rules like the ones Democrats approved today in Springfield are a slap in the face of democracy. We are each elected to represent the priorities of the citizens who elected us, and when one man can decide if our legislation will be heard or buried, our system of representative government is compromised.”

“Individual Democrats have commented over time that the House Rules need to be changed, but sadly, when the vote was called, all but one of them fell in line and voted the way they were told to vote. We had a real opportunity today to return representative government to the people of Illinois, but instead the majority party pushed through outrageous rules that will prevent good initiatives from being heard.”

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