Representative Breen Reacts to Governor’s State of the State Address

Today in Springfield, Governor Bruce Rauner presented his third annual State of the State Address before a joint session of the Illinois General Assembly. Following the Governor’s 35-minute speech, State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) issued the following statement:

“Change and the need for bipartisanship were the themes of the day and I wholeheartedly agree. While there is no denying that movement toward a balanced budget needs to be priority #1, we have seen some solid accomplishments in the areas of education funding, ethics reform, and transparency. We need to build on those successes and come together to find bipartisan agreement on the budget.”

“Governor Rauner struck a tone of optimism in his speech today and I hope all legislators, regardless of party affiliation, can view today’s speech as a stepping stone toward renewed bipartisanship and cooperation. I am committed to working in a bipartisan manner and hope my colleagues from across the aisle are willing to do the same.”

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