Representative Peter Breen Files Legislation to Allow Illinois Craft Breweries to Offer 360 Lid Technology

State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) has filed legislation that would help local craft breweries remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

“The newest innovation in beer can technology is the 360 lid, which when pulled removes almost the entire top of an aluminum can to create an aluminum cup,” said Breen. “It has become very popular in the industry, but unfortunately it is illegal in Illinois due to the ban of removable pull tabs from beer and soft drink cans in the 1980s. My revision to the Environmental Protection Act would permit this new technology and allow our local breweries to remain competitive.”

The idea for the legislation, filed last week as HB 2386, was brought to Breen by Jim Cagle, one of the three owners of Noon Whistle Brewing Company in Lombard. Cagle expressed his disappointment that he could not offer his customers this new innovation that allows patrons to better enjoy the full flavor and aroma of their beer, and asked if a legislative remedy was possible. “This is great for our customers,” said Cagle. “This would be an absolute advantage for us. We would be very excited to be one of the first Illinois breweries to offer this to our customers.”

According to Breen, HB 2386 would allow local business owners to stay current with trends in the craft beer industry. “These types of small businesses are the backbone of the Illinois economy and we need to be doing whatever we can to keep them thriving in our state,” Breen said. “The passage of this bill would allow these businesses to remain competitive while also enhancing the beer-drinking experience for those who enjoy craft beers.”

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