Legislative Update: March 10, 2017

Legislation Initiated by Lombard Craft Brewery Headed for Full House Hearing
On Tuesday I was joined in Springfield by Paul Kreiner and Mike Condon of Lombard’s Noon Whistle Brewing Company as we presented a bill that would allow them and other Illinois craft beer brewers to use new 360-lid technology on their cans.

My HB 2386 would allow the owners of these small brewing companies the ability to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. The 360-lid is already available in 14 states, and experts say the technology, which essentially pulls away the entire top of a beer can, allows consumers to have a fuller appreciation of the more fragrant beers, like IPAs or other hoppy beers. The owners of the Noon Whistle Brewing Company brought the idea for the bill to me after we discovered that the current Environmental Protection Act actually prohibits the use of any type of fully removable pull tab on beverages. My bill makes a very narrow exception to that rule to allow for this specific purpose in the craft brewing industry.

Paul and Mike did a great job fielding questions before the Tourism, Hospitality and Craft Institutions Committee, and we received unanimous support from committee members. The bill now moves to the floor of the House for full consideration.

General Assembly Celebrates Chicago Cubs Day in Springfield
There was a great deal of excitement swirling around the Capitol on Wednesday, as news traveled that Chicago Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts and Hall of Fame Second Baseman Ryne Sandberg were in town for the latest stop of the Cubs Trophy Tour. As our session day began, a joint session of the House and Senate gathered to watch the coveted trophy make its way to the front of the House chamber.

Mr. Ricketts spoke to the lawmakers about the three goals set by his family when they became owners of the ball club, including:
  • Winning the World Series
  • Preserving and improving Wrigley Field
  • Doing more for the Wrigleyville community
He also thanked Illinoisans for their love and support of the team over the many years that led to the 2016 Championship. Following the festivities at the Capitol, the trophy was available for public viewing at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, where Cub fans lined up as early as 6:00 AM for their chance to see this important part of sports history.

Bill that Removes Certain Fees for Nonprofits and LLCs that File Electronically Clears House Committee
A bill of mine that would abolish $25 or $50 extra filing fees for nonprofits and small companies that choose to file paperwork electronically received bipartisan support this week from members of the State Government Administration Committee. HB 3514 would amend several areas of Illinois law, including the Business Corporation Act, the General Not For Profit Corporation Act, the Limited Liability Company Act, the Uniform Partnership Act and the Uniform Limited Partnership Act to clarify that entities organized under the Acts may not be automatically labeled as “expedited” just because they choose to do their filings electronically. Today the Secretary of State’s office treats all e-filings as expedited, regardless of the filers’ intentions, and my bill removes those automatic fees. In spite of opposition by the Secretary of State’s office, which wanted to retain this revenue source, the majority of the committee members recognized the inadvertent fee that was being levied, and supported my bill. HB 3514 will now move to the House for a final vote.

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