Breen Bill that Addresses Penalties for Aggravated DUIs Receives Unanimous House Approval

State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) received unanimous House approval on Tuesday for legislation that ensures consistency in sentencing when an individual is found guilty of driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license, if driving privileges were suspended or revoked for committing aggravated Driving under the Influence (DUI) resulting in a death or for committing reckless homicide.

According to Breen, today there are cases where an individual caught driving on a suspended license when the license was suspended due to an aggravated DUI resulting in death are receiving lesser sentences than those who are driving on a suspended license due to a reckless homicide. “It’s an issue of equity and fairness,” said Breen. “Those who ignore a license suspension or revocation after killing someone while driving drunk should, at a minimum, face the same penalty as an individual in a similar situation who committed reckless homicide.”

Breen continued, “I’m proud of the wide, bipartisan sponsorship of HB 3084, which brings into accord our laws in cases where someone is caught driving on a suspended license, as a result of having killed someone in an automobile collision,” said Breen. “It’s common sense legislation that cleans up our statutes.”

The bill, which was recommended for approval in March by the House Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee, was brought to Breen’s attention by DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin. “It was my pleasure to work with State’s Attorney Bob Berlin on this bill,” Breen said. “It’s passage would ensure that those who drive drunk and kill someone will face equitable treatment in these types of cases.”

The bill will now move to the Senate for consideration. Senator Michael Connelly (R-Naperville) will carry the bill on Breen’s behalf in the Senate.

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