Breen Passes Bill to Make Electronic Filing Free, Saving IL Businesses and Non-Profits Millions in Fees

In a unanimous vote on Friday, State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) passed legislation that is estimated to save Illinois small businesses and not-for-profits millions of dollars in electronic filing fees. HB 3514 would amend state law to end the practice of charging “expedited service fees” of $25, $50, or more on every electronic filing with the Secretary of State’s office.

“Our current law treats every e-filing with the Secretary of State’s office as an expensive ‘expedited service,’ regardless of whether the filing requires expedited handling,” said Breen. “By making e-filing free, we will save our small businesses and non-profits millions of dollars and encourage greater use of electronic filing over filing by paper mail.”

While presenting the bill on the House floor, Breen explained that business owners should be encouraged, rather than discouraged, from filing electronically. “Electronic filing reduces errors, saves paper, and saves money. As such, those who conduct business in this state should be encouraged to e-file,” Breen said. “They certainly should not be charged extra fees to electronically file, over and above what they would be charged if they filed in person at the Secretary of State’s office.”

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