Pro-Business, Pro-Environment Bill Sponsored by Rep. Peter Breen Goes to Governor

Today, the Illinois House unanimously approved a bill by State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) to ease regulatory burdens and costs on local nonprofits that recycle used cooking oils and grease. SB 1420 would amend the “Dead Animal Disposal Act” to exempt not-for-profit recycling organizations from tedious paperwork and costly fees associated with operating collection centers for residential drop-off of used oil and grease.

“Cooking oils can cause sink backups and major clogs further down pipelines, but proper disposal of these oils has been an issue for many communities,” said Breen. “Local residents have joined together to form not-for-profit organizations to provide this needed service, and we should do everything possible to ease regulatory and cost burdens hampering their good work. SB 1420 will achieve this aim, providing benefits to the environment and business by preventing harm to our local sanitary system and generating additional material for biofuels.”

According to Kay McKeen, Executive Director of DuPage County’s School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education (SCARCE), restaurants have methods for disposing of their used oils and grease, but residents tend to pour oil and grease down the kitchen drain, throw it away in the trash, or even pour it into local sewers. She noted that DuPage County currently has eight permanent locations for residential drop off of used oils and grease, but there is a definite need for additional disposal sites. “We are fortunate in DuPage County to have eight locations for oil and grease collection, but the fees and paperwork are a real deterrent for the expansion of this service,” she said. “We are so pleased that Representative Breen is carrying this legislation in the House, because it really is a win-win for everyone. Homeowners can properly dispose of their grease and oil which will prevent sinks from backing up, communities will see a reduction in blockages that require major repair work, the water supply will be cleaner, and the discarded products can be used to create biofuels.”

The House vote on SB 1420 was 109-0, and the bill will now be sent to the Governor.

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