Representative Peter Breen Passes Two More Bills on Final Day of Spring Session in Springfield

On spring session’s final day, State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) moved two more bills through the House of Representatives and to the Governor’s desk, increasing his total number of successful bills in 2017 to ten House and Senate Bills.

SB 1321 clarifies the definition of “child” in the state statutes to aid with the protection of children against sex offenses involving grooming and traveling to meet a child. “This is an initiative of DuPage County State’s Attorney Bob Berlin, and it closes a loophole that was discovered through his office’s case work,” said Breen. “Laws, especially when they serve to protect children, need to be clear and unambiguous.”

The House approval of SB 1321 was 110-0-1.

SB 1422 ensures that challenges to extensions of the statute of limitations laws are raised and ruled upon prior to full criminal jury trial, just like challenges to venue and other challenges to a charging document. “This is good criminal justice reform legislation requiring that certain statute of limitations challenges occur much earlier in the process,” said Breen. “This is also an initiative of DuPage County State’s Attorney Bob Berlin, which will save time and money by settling this important issue before a case goes to a full jury trial.”

SB 1422 was approved in a 96-6 vote. Both bills will be sent to the Governor and are expected to be signed into law in the coming weeks.

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