VIDEO: Breen Calls Provisions of SB 1446 "Petty Partisan Politics"

With the budget deadline just days away, on Monday House Democrats approved legislation that had nothing at all do with the advancement of a balanced budget, but would weaken Governor Bruce Rauner’s ability save taxpayers money through utilizing managed care systems for some recipients of Medicaid.

During the House debate on SB 1446, State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) called the passage of the bill “petty partisan politics”. He reminded bill sponsor Greg Harris (D-Chicago) that since 1999, when the General Assembly approved a purchase of care option for certain Medicaid recipients, coordination of care has improved and costs for care have decreased. He also questioned the sponsor’s motive, saying, “It makes no sense for it (managed care) to be fine under Governor Quinn or Governor Blagojevich, and all of a sudden its no good because its Governor Rauner.” You can watch Breen’s full floor debate on SB 1446 here.

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