Governor Rauner Signs Breen Legislation Allowing Local Craft Brewers to Utilize 360-Lid Technology

On Sunday in Springfield, Governor Bruce Rauner announced that he has signed into law legislation sponsored by State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) that will allow craft brewing companies in Illinois to utilize new “360-lid” technology. The bill, HB 2386, is now listed in the statutes as Public Act 100-0051. Governor Rauner announced the signing at the Illinois Bicentennial Craft Beer Competition at this year’s State Fair, thanking the owners of Noon Whistle Brewing in Lombard and Rep. Breen for advancing the legislation.

“These 360-lids are the newest innovation in beer can technology, and permitting their use will provide Illinois brewers with a competitive edge in the marketplace,” said Breen. “By essentially removing the entire lid of a beer can, an aluminum drinking vessel is created that allows consumers to better enjoy the aromas associated with IPAs and other hoppy beers. With the bill’s signing today, Illinois becomes the 15th state to allow these new lids.”

According to Breen, the need for HB 2386 was brought to him by the owners of Lombard’s Noon Whistle Brewing Company, who wanted to produce beer with the new 360-lids. Breen researched the issue and discovered that the Illinois Environmental Protection Act from the 1980s prohibited the removal of any portion of the top of a beverage can. “Under current EPA statutes, the small aluminum tabs that posed a safety hazard 30 years ago are still banned,” Breen said. “This bill simply carves out a very narrow exception for these craft beer 360-lids, which are much larger and do not pose the same risks.”

Prior to being sent to the Governor, HB 2386 received unanimous approval in the House and Senate.

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