Breen Selected to Serve on Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Pretrial Practices

State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) has been selected to serve on the Illinois Supreme Court’s new Commission on Pretrial Practices, as the appointee of the House Republicans. The panel will review Illinois’ criminal pretrial detention systems and make recommendations for improvement.

Breen, an attorney specializing in Constitutional law, will join three other members of the General Assembly representing the other Illinois House and Senate caucuses, several judges, members of law enforcement, and representatives of the Department of Corrections on the 25-member commission.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be selected to serve alongside some of Illinois’ most respected individuals in their fields of expertise on this important commission,” said Breen. “I look forward to providing input as we study and evaluate current pretrial detention practices and discuss ways to improve the system to ensure fair and equal treatment of defendants as they await trial.”

According to Breen, the panel will conduct a comprehensive review of the criminal pretrial system and make recommendations about how Illinois laws and Supreme Court rules and policies can be amended and adjusted, to ensure that pretrial practices in all jurisdictions in the State of Illinois are applied consistently and equitably. The ultimate goal of the commission is to produce legislative and rule changes that will provide for a fair, efficient, transparent, and accountable system based on evidence-based practices.

The Commission is required to hold its first meeting within the next two months, and must issue a preliminary report of its findings to the Illinois Supreme Court within the next 12 months. A final report, complete with recommendations, is to be delivered to the Illinois Supreme Court within 24 months.

“We can balance a defendant’s Constitutional presumption of innocence, and the need to protect society and victims of crime,” added Breen. “The creation of this commission is extremely important for all involved in the criminal justice system, and for the taxpayers who fund that system. I look forward to having a voice in improving our pretrial system, in ways that will improve outcomes for everyone in Illinois.”

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