Breen Leads Opposition to Tax Plans that would Hike Income Taxes for Most Residents of 48th District

State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) joined House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) and other House members today in filing HR 975, a measure that opposes a proposed “graduated” income tax on Illinois residents. Breen is the leading Chief Co-Sponsor of the resolution.

“Illinois taxpayers in general and taxpayers in my district in DuPage County are already significantly overburdened by the combined weight of every taxing body at the state and local level,” said Breen. “I'm constantly encountering people who tell me they plan to leave this state as soon as the opportunity allows. Taking hard earned money from our residents has a negative effect on the incentive to grow companies and even enhance or choose a career in this state. Our residents don't require more fiscal discipline, our government does.”

Breen pointed to a recent WalletHub study that indicated that Illinois already has the worst state and local tax burden in the nation. “Leading Democrat proposals would raise income taxes on DuPage County residents to 6%, 7%, 8%, or more, with no end in sight,” said Breen. “The politicians who have overspent our money, overtaxed our residents, and overregulated our businesses will take more and more from us until we’ve got nothing left. Instead of this proposed ‘graduated’ income tax and other tax increases, we need to reduce the tax burden on our residents, at every level.”

There are currently two graduated income tax proposals pending in the Senate and one proposal pending in the House.

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