Rep. Breen Receives Unanimous Support of Bill Clarifying Fee Structure for Release of Driver’s Records

Legislation sponsored by State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) that clarifies the statutes as they relate to fees paid for information in a driver’s record was approved unanimously today in the House of Representatives.

SB 2585 sets the fee at $12 for the release of information included in an Illinoisan’s driver’s record. Law enforcement is exempted from having to pay the fee, and any public transit system, public defender, law enforcement agency, government agency or Illinois local intergovernmental association can also be exempted if the information is requested for the purpose of a background check of an employment applicant, official investigations conducted by an agency, or to determine a current address for a driver.

“According to the Secretary of State’s Office, individuals and agencies are skirting around the current $12 fee by asking for a portion, perhaps up to 95%, of a driving record rather than requesting a full document, which triggers the fee,” said Breen. “They have also seen instances where people have requested just short of a full driving record and turned around and sold the information to insurance companies. This bill simply ensures that when driver’s record information is requested, there will be a $12 fee.”

SB 2585 also received a unanimous vote in the Senate, and it now goes to Governor Bruce Rauner for his signature.

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