Rep. Peter Breen Sends Three Additional Bills to Governor

On the final day of the 2018 spring session, State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) succeeded in sending three more bills to Governor Bruce Rauner for final action.

HB 4711 cleans up the Counties Code and Municipal Code to ensure that neighbors bringing lawsuits against a zoning or building code violator sues the correct parties and avoid filing suits that will ultimately be dismissed. “The need for this bill was brought to my attention by DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin as a method of reducing the number of lawsuits filed against local government when a complaint concerns perceived violations of another private property owner,” said Breen. “The Appellate Court has consistently ruled that local units of government should not be included in lawsuits when residents pursue legal action against neighbors who they believe are engaging in serious violations of local zoning codes. This bill clarifies the matter for the courts and parties, so governments don’t have to spend tax dollars defending lawsuits that will ultimately be dismissed.”

According to Breen, the bill, which initially passed in the House in a 110-1 vote in April, was amended in the Senate to add a provision requested by the Rockford Park District, to allow it to sell property that it is unable to operate without significant cost to the taxpayers of the district.

HB 2040 amends the Illinois Vehicle Code to allow Lombard’s Soaring Eagle Academy, an Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)-approved therapeutic day school that caters to the unique educational needs of autistic children, to transport students in grades K-8 to off-site educational activities on their multipurpose bus. The bill initially passed unanimously in the House, but it was amended very slightly in the Senate. “Beneficial learning opportunities are available outside of schools, and I was pleased to carry legislation for Soaring Eagle and the students this school serves.”

HB 1336 amends the Illinois Insurance Code to prohibit car insurance carriers from increasing policy premiums, cancelling policies or refusing to renew policies for individuals who have a car accident while using their personal vehicle in their role as an Emergency Management Services (EMS) volunteer. According to Breen, the need for the bill stems specifically from a Chicago volunteer ambulance service provider. “In addition to providing ambulance services, many of these volunteers use their own personal vehicles to provide emergency services,” said Breen. “These Good Samaritans should not be penalized in the event that they are involved in a car accident while performing their good deeds.”

All three bills are expected to be signed into law in the coming weeks.

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