On Saturday, cars were lined up at the Duane and Lorraine Street Metra lot in Glen Ellyn a full 45 minutes before a document shredding and food collection event was set to begin in State Representative Peter Breen's (R-Lombard) 48th District, and the flow of traffic did not stop until noon when the event ended and the shred truck was full.

A total of 16,000 pounds of paper was shredded in a shred truck underwritten by AT&T, and more than 800 individual non-perishable food items and personal hygiene items were collected for the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry. "It was an incredible event," said Breen. "Our volunteers unloaded boxes and bags of documents from a steady stream of cars all morning, and the outpouring of support of the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry was phenomenal!"
State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) announced today that more than $51,648,000 million of an $11.05 billion statewide road and bridge improvement program will be spent on projects in the 48th Legislative House District. The projects were announced recently as part of the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) six-year Proposed Highway Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2019-2024.

“Nearly every community in the 48th District will benefit from these improvements over the next six years,” said Breen. “Keeping our infrastructure in good condition not only provides safety to our residents, but also helps the economy thrive by providing good-paying jobs to Illinois’ work force.”

District 48 projects included in IDOT’s six-year program include:
  • $240,000 for bridge deck overlay and bridge joint repair on Ogden Avenue at St. Joseph Creek in Lisle 
  • $5,890,000 for resurfacing and ADA improvements on Ogden Avenue from Ivanhoe Avenue to east of IL 83 in Lisle, Downers Grove, Westmont, Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale 
  • $2,465,000 for resurfacing and ADA improvements on IL 53 from St. Charles Road to Bryant Avenue in Lombard and Glen Ellyn 
  • $1,500,000 for channelization and traffic signal installation on IL 53 at Parkview Boulevard and Surrey Lane in Glen Ellyn 
  • $485,000 for resurfacing and ADA improvements on IL 53 from Bryant Avenue to south of Pershing Avenue in Glen Ellyn 
  • $3,720,000 for resurfacing and ADA improvements on IL 53 from south of Pershing Avenue to south of I-88 in Glen Ellyn, Downers Grove and Lisle 
  • $945,000 for resurfacing and ADA improvements on IL 53 from south of I-88 to Short Street in Lisle 
  • $1,105,000 for resurfacing and ADA improvements on IL 53 from Short Street to 59th Street in Lisle 
  • $1,401,000 for resurfacing, ADA improvements and a railroad flagger on IL 56 from Naperville Road to IL 53 in Wheaton 
  • $25,145,000 for road and intersection reconstruction, bridge rehabilitation, ADA improvements, additional lanes, noise barriers and a retaining wall on IL 56 west of IL 53 to west of I-355 and at IL 53 in Downers Grove 
  • $5,300,000 for land acquisition, utility adjustment and construction engineering on IL 56 west of IL 53 to west of I-355 and at IL 53 in Downers Grove 
  • $182,000 for bridge deck repairs and bridge deck water proofing on IL 56 at I-355 in Downers Grove 
  • $1,300,000 for resurfacing, ADA improvements and ramp repair on IL 56 from Finley Road to Highland Avenue and the ramps at Highland Avenue in Downers Grove 
  • $1,900,000 for resurfacing and ADA improvements on IL 56 from Fairfield Avenue to 22nd Street in Oak Brook and Lombard 
  • $70,000 for resurfacing and ADA improvements on IL 56 from Bob-O-Link Road to Briarcliff Road in Lombard 
Based on current funding levels, the FY 2019-2024 Proposed Highway Improvement Program aims to improve a total of 1,945 miles of road and 525 bridges maintained by the State. The multi-year program also includes funding for upgrades to more than 750 miles of local roads and 922,933 square feet of local bridges.

Upon announcing the statewide infrastructure plan, Governor Bruce Rauner said, “Illinois is a transportation hub for the nation, facilitating commerce from coast to coast. By investing in that infrastructure and regularly repairing and upgrading our roads, we preserve a vital resource that brings jobs and economic opportunity to our state, and ensures roads are safe for Illinois families.”
Legislation sponsored by State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) that clarifies the statutes as they relate to fees paid for information in a driver’s record is among the first bills Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law this summer.

SB 2585 prevents individuals and entities from avoiding the standard $12 fee for the release of information included in an Illinoisan’s driver’s record. Some entities have been requesting significant parts, but not quite all, of the information in driver’s records, to skirt paying the fee. Law enforcement is exempted from having to pay the fee, and any public transit system, public defender, law enforcement agency, government agency or Illinois local intergovernmental association can also be exempted if the information is requested for the purpose of a background check of an employment applicant, official investigations conducted by an agency, or to determine a current address for a driver.

“This legislation closes a loophole that allowed individuals and entities to circumvent the $12 fee by only requesting only part of a driving record,” said Breen. “These people were requesting up to 95% of a driving record and then turning around and selling the information to insurance companies for a healthy profit. This legislation simply ensures that even if only part of a driver’s record information is requested, the $12 fee will be paid uniformly.”

SB 2585 was signed into law Friday as Public Act 100-0590.

Breen has eight additional bills that should be signed over the next several weeks.