Governor Rauner Signs Breen Bill Clarifying Fee Structure for Release of Driver’s Records

Legislation sponsored by State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) that clarifies the statutes as they relate to fees paid for information in a driver’s record is among the first bills Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law this summer.

SB 2585 prevents individuals and entities from avoiding the standard $12 fee for the release of information included in an Illinoisan’s driver’s record. Some entities have been requesting significant parts, but not quite all, of the information in driver’s records, to skirt paying the fee. Law enforcement is exempted from having to pay the fee, and any public transit system, public defender, law enforcement agency, government agency or Illinois local intergovernmental association can also be exempted if the information is requested for the purpose of a background check of an employment applicant, official investigations conducted by an agency, or to determine a current address for a driver.

“This legislation closes a loophole that allowed individuals and entities to circumvent the $12 fee by only requesting only part of a driving record,” said Breen. “These people were requesting up to 95% of a driving record and then turning around and selling the information to insurance companies for a healthy profit. This legislation simply ensures that even if only part of a driver’s record information is requested, the $12 fee will be paid uniformly.”

SB 2585 was signed into law Friday as Public Act 100-0590.

Breen has eight additional bills that should be signed over the next several weeks.

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