Rep. Peter Breen’s Transparency Bill Signed into Law

Governor Bruce Rauner has signed legislation sponsored by State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) that adds a new layer of transparency to business conducted by the Illinois Toll Highway Authority.

SB 2291 requires the Toll Highway Authority to post to its web site all meeting agendas at least two business days in advance of any meeting. Agendas would also have to be posted at the Authority’s headquarters building. “Agencies funded by taxpayer dollars must be fully transparent with their operations so that those who fund their operations can see how their money is being spent,” said Breen. “This is common-sense legislation I was proud to support.”

According to Breen, the posted agendas must provide general subject matter information about any issue that will be discussed for a potential final vote, and also include specific details concerning contracts for projects to be discussed for amounts over $100,000. The on-line agenda must also include Internet links that provide greater detail on the contracts.

SB 2291 received unanimous support in the House and Senate earlier this year.

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